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For the refined gentleman

The earthy, whiskey scent of Old Street Beard Oil

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Our Beard Oil
All-natural, cruelty-free beard oil, handcrafted in England and perfected in the bearded-heart of London: Shoreditch. Find your own beard style with our range of scented oils that'll both soften and nourish your beard.
All of our Beard Oils contain either Coconut Oil or Jojoba and Vitamin E Oils, which help the beard retain it's natural moisture while stimulating and hydrating the skin. Vitamin E also stimulates beard growth. Recommended by heaps of customers worldwide.
Get Started with The Original Beard Oil Box
Three 10ml travel-sized bottles of each of our favourite beard oil blends: our bestseller Arctic Fox, plus new-on-the-block Columbia Road and Old Street. The perfect starter box for you or that special bearded guy in your life.

Each of our beard oils has been carefully crafted to suit every mood and every occasion, with Columbia Road's scent and light blend perfect for Spring days in the park; Old Street’s sexy, smokey, whisky scent wonderful for colder evenings by a log fire and our bestseller Arctic Fox, perfect for providing a fresh, masculine scent all year round.

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What Our Beards Think

Theo, bearded semi-hero of Hawkhurst Vault, Shoreditch

Theo & his beard
So, this shiz is the bizzzness. As someone who has only ever used oil on my beard sporadically (& when I have, it's been £1 fake argan oil from the market), I was sceptical about purchasing an oil nigh on £20 a pop. Oh how I was wrong, that extra £19 gives you a whole load of follicle-enhancing goodness.

Expecting a greasy aftermath I was left with a nicely-weighted beard: it can go tres frizzy as the days grow shorter but the Arctic Fox seems to have negated the winter effect! The biggest bonus is that my beard now smells like it's been dipped in a flowery baptismal font water & anything that convinces people I had a shower that week is a bonus.

10/10 would buy again.

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