About Us

The Shoreditch Beard was founded with a passion and commitment to keeping men’s beards in shape and girlfriends of bearded men happy with their hairy other halves. We wanted to offer a different approach to other beard oil companies, and have carefully crafted beard oils that reflect not only our vibrant personalities, but also the addictive energy of East London.
All of our beard oils, handcrafted in the heart of London itself, are made from 100% natural, cruelty-free and premium ingredients that keep your beard bristle-free and smelling amazing. We’ve thoroughly tested all of our products on both our own beards and our brave friend’s beards (don’t worry, no beards were harmed in the making of these oils!), in exchange for a hell of a lot of pizza!

three beardies

What started as a fun little side project for our founders Yaniv, Elise & Gianluca has developed into a bearded brand that has left hundreds of customers happy all over the globe. It’s also meant Yaniv has finally been able to get his 15 year old beard into shape!

We'd love to hear from you!  Drop us an email at hello@theshoreditchbeard.co.uk.